LifeBrands D2C (LBD2C) understands direct-to-consumer marketing’s remarkable influence and ability to generate real-time revenue for emerging brands.

Our proprietary data analytics system ingests data from any platform, cleans it up, stitches it together, and provides a complete customer journey from first touchpoint through conversion—all while building customer profiles and media mix. This allows our clients to compete with industry giants and surpass them time and again. This vital data marries both online and offline customer activity and enables LBD2C to react immediately to trends for continual campaign optimization.

LBD2C was built to help innovators and inventors disrupt and displace traditional category leaders by implementing strategies that are accountable, scalable and generate real-time revenue to fuel expansive growth.


Strategic Campaign Management
Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Financial & Media Mix Modeling
Winning Creative Writing & Production
Revmo, Inc. (Amazon Experts)
LifeBrands Digital
Unmatched Client Services

Success stories

At LBD2C, we’ve worked with companies at every level from start-ups like Zerowater® and MyPillow® to established brands like Tommy John®, Green Dot Bank and others. Here are a few stories and brands you’ll recognize that highlight the depth and breadth of our collective talents and our client-by-client approach.

Guaranteed the Most Comfortable Pillow You’ll Ever Own
Better Banking. Bigger Rewards!
If It’s Not All Zeros, It’s Not


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