Over the last decade plus, LifeBrands D2C has evolved into a true growth company and direct-to-consumer powerhouse. Our deep understanding of the omnichannel relationship between offline and online media allows us to create an ecosystem for success. Our analytics program powered by Impact® utilizes the latest advancements in A.I., media mix modeling and attribution to normalize and unify all data points into a single System of Record, which is critical in truly understanding your audience and optimizing media spending.


Our system consistently and seamlessly measures everything from your marketing key performance indicators to deep insights derived from a trustworthy cross-device analytics suite that tracks the customer journey from offline to online and vice versa, producing one Single System-of-Record.


Most analytics programs can identify when a customer arrived in the shopping cart. However, they can’t always tell you the journey they took to get there. LifeBrands D2C partnered with Impact® to create robust actionable marketing intelligence capable of tracking, cleansing and normalizing your chaotic, channel specific data into a single coherent system of record.

“We’re not in the business of guessing. We’re in the business of knowing”

-Mark Jones, LBD2C President & CEO

While many brands we work with represent different industries, our flexibility and experience allow us to deploy the right tools at the right time across all channels in order to maximize revenues.

Comprehensive Tracing & Automated Data Aggregation
For a complete marketing data set the team can trust
Cross-Channel, Cross-Drive Consumer Journey Analytics
To better understand your customer's real-world buying behaviour
Flexible Multi-Touch Attribution Modelling
To empower your team with holistic measurment
Real-time, Fully customizable Reporting
For-actionable, real-time analysis of your spend & results

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